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  • Jan 11, 2018

10 Expert Gardening Tips for Beginners for Villa in UAE


Love to garden? Here’s hard-won wisdom from the pros to help you be faster, cleaner and more efficient in decorating your villa in uae with plants.

1. First things first:

Soil. Basically, there are three types of soil – sand, clay, and silt – and they’re pretty much easy to differentiate. Use a spade to turn your soil at least once a month, if not more, so that it stays loose and light. Clay soils may become hard and crumbly over time, so give them a little more TLC.

2. Know the ultimate size of any plant for your Villa in UAE:

This way, you won’t end up moving it or removing it. Most importantly, reduce competition and ensure that each plant has adequate room for free-flowing air circulation and nutrient essentials.

3. Plants need moisture:

Water them early in the morning when the weather is cooler so that less water is lost through evaporation. Don’t think you can make time for regular watering?  Then, go in for plants like Chrysanthemum, Gardenia or Jasmine that retain moisture longer.

4. Follow fertilizer directions:

As a beginner, it’s best not to experiment and stick with instructions that come on fertilizer bags.

5. Keep the soil mulched:

Mulching is great not only for maintaining healthy soils but also for suppressing weeds. Mulch doesn’t have to be expensive; just use newspaper. Lay out several sheets and overlap the edges of the sheets so that they don’t separate. Use a minimum of 2 sheets and up to 20 sheets. They’ll help retain moisture and suffocate weeds. Add wet, shredded paper to compost to remove odor.

6. Learn about plants that don’t like each other:

Planting very tall plants next to short ones is a bad idea as the former will very likely shade out the latter. When planting taller and shorter plants together, make sure that the shorter plants are far away. It’s also a good idea to place plants with similar nutritional and water needs together.

7. Start with a herb garden:

Basil, coriander, and parsley can be grown on a warm windowsill and are great if you don’t have much space and are on a budget. Mint is also good for beginners as it’s fast-growing, can be placed in pots and is difficult to kill.

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