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10 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You

Published on January 11, 2018

Renting a property can be a great or stressful experience depending on your landlord. Before you sign your contract, make sure you ask lots of questions so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. However, there might be a few things your landlord won’t be so upfront about. Here they are:

1. They’re about to sell

You’ve moved into your new property and suddenly you’re getting clients wishing to view it? If they’ve given you 24 hours’ notice then there’s not much you can do. Always check your contract beforehand for information on selling the property.

2. Roadworks

You’re in love with your new property as its lovely and quiet but you haven’t yet discovered that roadworks are about to commence? Your landlord might fail to mention this until that lucrative contract is signed. Get the heads up beforehand by checking with locals or even research online for any work that might be about to take place.

3. There’s a leak!

You may not notice any problems while checking out your new property, especially if it concerns underground pipes. If you’re locked in a contract and have just paid a lump sum of rent upfront, this stressful situation is probably one you don’t need. Not to mention who is going to foot the bill for repairs.

4. That maintenance work

So, you think your landlord is going to cover all maintenance costs? Double check your contact to ensure you know exactly who is going to pay for repairs. Some contracts only cover maintenance checks and not the actual repair work.

5. They’re keeping your deposit

The security deposit for rental properties can be a tricky issue. What one person classes as general wear and tear, others do not. Some landlords may expect you to keep your property in immaculate condition. Ask for a definitive list when you move in so you know exactly what their expectations are.

6. You can’t use any facilities

If you’ve been looking forward to using the on-site facilities, you may get a shock if you’re suddenly blocked from using them. If you’re in an apartment block then ensure that your landlord has been paying for community access. You might need to pay extra for this privilege so double check beforehand to avoid stumping up extra money.

7. There’s no light

Try to view your new property during the day. Light can make a big difference and it may be that your apartment only lets in very little natural light during the day.

8. They want more rent

You’re being evicted and not sure why? It’s possible the landlord wants to charge more rent by getting other tenants.

9. Your bills have increased

Always check exactly what you need to pay and how much you should be paying each month. Ask your landlord if there is a huge discrepancy in your monthly bills. There may be some repair work that needs doing.

10. It’s a short let

If you’ve found the perfect accommodation and plan to stay for a while, you’ll probably get a shock when your eviction notice arrives. Always check beforehand on what your landlord’s plans are. If you want a long-term let, then ensure it’s in the contract.

If you can, speak to previous tenants and even your potential neighbors to gain perspective on if the property needs any repairs or is likely to cause you any stress. You’ll probably get to find out more about your landlord too!



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