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  • Nov 29, 2020

6 Things to Look for in a Modern Abode

Many modern homes are being used as a creative outlet by their owners. Architect Raghav Arora explains how design depends on the kind of lifestyle someone is living, and also that affects the kind of spaces that are needed at home. Because of advancements in technology, it has become more possible for unique ideas to be executed. But for those who don’t have the budget for the construction of their own houses, there are many modern homes with excellent amenities in Dubai that can suit anyone’s taste. Besides taste, those who are looking for homes should keep in mind what they actually need. Here are the main things to focus on certain house-hunters:

The First-timer

First-timers might be carried away with the opportunity to pick where they can live. While it is tempting to go with a living space based mostly on the aesthetic, SFGate lists the essentials to watch out for. The walls can be covered by décor and furniture must be modified according to taste, so focus more on the amenities since they are more important in the long run. Note that first-timer should also need to pay attention to something everyone focuses on, not only features that suit their needs.

The New Couple

After having spent on a wedding, a newlywed might not have a big budget for a while, so renting could be an option. Another option would be a relatively small house or apartment with multi-purpose rooms. It would be nice to get a place where there are close to restaurants. Places to take walks in for some exercise could also be taken into account if going to the gym isn’t a hobby. Regarding the home itself, a dedicated dining space that can be an office as well would be a great addition. Moreover, an outdoor space might also be a good idea for a change of mood and view.

The New Parents

There are many things to consider now that there is a baby to keep in mind as well. The most important thing would be to think long-term. The baby will grow, and depending on the parents, other children might be coming along too. Look for a place that can be baby-proofed. But also choose a place that would house the ideal family size to avoid continuing moving when the children will reach certain ages. A house for the ideal family size includes storage for things that the children will own in the future as well.

The Remote Worker

For both new and long-time remote workers, it’s important to have fewer distractions around. That means the ideal home should not be near any bar or event place but could be near markets and stores for convenience. Professionals working through the COVID-19 crisis especially need a designated space for work where they can focus on their tasks. If allowed by the budget, having a workroom might help with productivity as it would be easier to concentrate faster. Having a work-only space means the surroundings are the same both in and out of work hours and might impact focus.

The Entertainer

For those who like hosting parties and accommodating guests, the best home would be that designed for extroverts. Homes like this give off the feeling of openness. The way the kitchen, dining area, and living room are arranged is such that as few things as possible are in the middle of the room, leaving a larger gathering space. Having a relatively big number of comfortable furniture, whether in clusters or just in one big group, creates the feeling of homeliness but also invites guests to stay longer and interact with others.

The Outdoorsy One

Outdoorsy people are different from the Entertainers. These people are those that would rather be outside. It is not possible to always be out of the house all the time, but it is possible to still create the feeling of going outside. In fact, Gulf News reports that the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent restrictions have caused a demand for homes with outdoor living spaces. The most important thing would be to find a place that has an outdoor area that can accommodate a person (or people) the whole day. Put some chairs and tables outside. Look for some shade as well, such as some umbrellas or a tree, so it doesn’t get too hot.

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By Penelope Hines

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