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  • Jan 10, 2018

6 ways to start a garden even in the tiniest apartment


A patch of basil on your tiny window sill of the apartment? Why not?

Gardening’s a tricky business for most of us – we’re either overcommitted, plant assassins or just plain lazy about keeping anything other than ourselves alive.

If you’re interested, despite having the furthest thing from a green thumb, it doesn’t matter if you have a backyard or just a tiny corner in your rental apartment.

Grow small plants in pots, terrariums, window boxes or even small vessels and let them sit on your sill. They’ll take up very little actual space and will be a cinch to care for!

1. Pick a plant that fits with the amount of light in your apartment

Blessed with a sun-drenched apartment? Then start off with basic, no-fuss herbs such as basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, and cilantro.
If your pad gets fewer rays of sunshine, plant low-light favorites such as the snake plant, spider plant, rhododendrons, Chinese evergreens, Fittonia or the leafy vine, pothos. Herbs such as mint, chamomile, cilantro, parsley, and thyme do well in shade too.

2. Choose the right size of pot

One that’s too small will mean that your plants will not produce as much and you’ll need to put in more work into keeping them alive. If you plant in a pot that’s too large, you’ll spend more money on soil that is necessary. A 14-inch diameter pot will work for herbs while an 18-inch diameter pot will hold greens and small pepper.

3. The kind of pot matters too:

Ceramic or terra cotta pots are fine and so are old tea, coffee, and candle containers. You could also go in for terrariums. Apart from looking cool, they keep moisture in, so you wouldn’t have to worry about watering as much.

4. Watering:

Check for drying in the leaves rather than the soil to know if you need to water more. Also ensure that containers have a place for excess water to drain from the roots, as too much water can drown the plant.

5. Invest in good potting soil:

Get started with a lightweight and fast-draining potting soil.

6. Repot:

Repotting is not just about giving your plant a bigger pot. It’s also about giving it fresh soil every 12-18 months.

Start with herbs and move on to lettuces and greens. You’ll save yourself a trip to the grocery store, some money and indulge in a hobby that’s good for you and the environment!

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