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  • May 13, 2019

8 Game Changing Bachelor Pad Ideas of 2019


Moving into your first ever bachelor pad and need some help kitting it out to make the home of your dreams or are you looking for bachelor pad ideas to make the most of your space? we are here to help you make the best bachelor pad EVER. Here you go:

Just like when decorating any space, approach the aesthetics of your bachelor pad with a plan of action to get the most out of your space without having to sacrifice too much time. From savvy bachelor pad ideas culled from this handy resource guide to bringing in items you’ve always wanted in your home.

What’s a bachelor pad without an element of fun? It’s a must when it comes to ultimate bachelor pad ideas. Not everyone has a space they can fit a full-sized pool table into, so we’ve come up with some space-saving bachelor pad ideas so you can still have a fun spirit. Did we mention dartboards? They are a must in any bachelor pad.

Art brightens up any home, and if applied tastefully it can add the required look and feel you desire out of your bachelor pad. If you aren’t a fan of the more ‘classic’ art pieces and are short on space, how about keeping your art on a functional level? Make a focal point out of your bike – mount it on the wall or ceiling for a cool and functional artistic display.
If you’re looking for bachelor pad ideas for small spaces or bachelor pad ideas on a budget, art that doubles on function is a great alternative to consider.

Who doesn’t love an industrial look? Industrial and masculinity go hand in hand; we love the look of polished concrete floors and rough hewn wooden floors – as not only do they look amazing, but they’re versatile – making them one of the best bachelor pad apartment ideas. But if polished concrete is not for you, bring in the industrial with bare floorboards.

If you have a wall where you can create a feature out of exposed brick, use it to your décor advantage as this works perfectly for big or small bachelor pad ideas. Exposed brick looks stunning and works to create a masculine, raw edge in your apartment.

When considering bachelor pad design ideas on a budget, pallet furniture can make for a great option to try. All you need to get started is a bit of DIY know-how. Not only does pallet furniture look cool, but it’s amazingly cheap as well – source some pallets and screws and you’re ready to go.

Wood paneling is one of those bachelor pad ideas that can make any room appear more refined. It’s the perfect way to keep your apartment looking cozy whilst giving off a masculine edge. Wood paneling can be a bit pricey, so if you’re on a budget, you might need to look at other bachelor pad ideas. But it totally depends on where you live as some cities may offer cheaper wood paneling compared to the others. If you’re living in a city like Dubai, wood paneling prices wary from place to place.

Introducing leather when designing your bachelor pad apartment ideas is a must. Leather looks great, from a leather sofa to a leather chair and even a leather ottoman. Dark wall paints and vintage brown leather sofas look too good together and we think they should feature in all bachelor pad ideas 2019.

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