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Best Areas to Live in Sharjah

Published on January 24, 2019
Reading Time : 4 Mins

Located just north of Dubai, Sharjah is the third largest and third most populous of the emirates. And while it’s widely seen as the cultural capital of the UAE, there are plenty of activities in Sharjah to keep people of all ages entertained. Coupled with a more laid back and easy going lifestyle compared to Dubai and more affordable rents, it’s no surprise that many UAE residents choose to live in Sharjah. Lets’ take a look at the the city’s most-searched-for areas if you’re interested in living in the glorious city:

Al Nahda is one of the most popular areas for renting apartments in Sharjah by search volume – it even topped the list for the most popular areas to buy a Sharjah apartment. a 1 BR apartment in Al Nahda has an average annual rent of approx. AED 37k. Those who require a little more wiggle room can grab an apartment for as low as AED 45k per year, while three-beds are at AED 76k per year. Residents in Al Nahda are on the Dubai-Sharjah border, meaning that commuting to the city is considerably less time consuming than for those who live further inland.

The Al Tawwun is also among the most sought after places to live in Sharjah. 2 BR apartments in this neighborhood have a rent of around AED 46-51k. For 3 BR the rent goes up to AED 68k. 1 BR apartments have an average annual rent price around AED 39k. Residents in Al Tawwun enjoy being close to the popular, family-friendly location of Al Qasba, with a Ferris wheel, cafes, restaurants and art space.

Neighboring Al Majaz, Al Khan too is one of the popular places to live in Sharjah for families. The neighborhood offers affordable waterfront homes for rent in Sharjah. The locality features a number of family-friendly apartment complexes. Rent for 1 BR apartments in Al Khan start at AED 24k. A 2 BR apartment for rent in Al Khan starts at AED 32k.

Muwaileh in Sharjah is an ideal location for families as it is extremely budget-friendly and is located just 10 minutes from all the major nurseries and schools in Sharjah. Families looking to live in Muwaileh will find residential buildings that have the most affordable apartments for rent in Sharjah. The rents for a 1 BR apartment in Muwaileh starts at AED 22k, whereas, rents for 2 BR apartments start at AED 29k. The Muwaileh area is full of small supermarkets and the larger Nesto Hypermarket. It also has a variety of restaurants and cafeterias as well.

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