Top 5 Industries Thriving During Lockdown in UAE


The whole world has been hit with the pandemic crisis and the UAE is not the only one struggling. Many industries have had to shut down and observe lockdown protocols, thereby, disrupting economic growth. Although a lot of businesses have adopted the culture of working from homes, most B2C businesses still face problems. The coronavirus has managed to reduce the value of global equity markets by more than $20 trillion.

Things were seeming bleak for almost all the industries of the economic sector. However, some of the industries providing the most essential services and production saw enormous growth. Many of the potential downfalls of the COVID-19 lockdown proved to be quite beneficial for some businesses. Most obvious of such examples would be of the pharmaceutical companies and retail stores. Coupled with the feature of home-deliveries, they reached millions of people living in rental properties in UAE. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that continue thriving:

Health Industry:

It’s obvious that the healthcare industries around the world are the most essential in the current circumstances. Their need and sustenance are the demand across the entire world right now. The same is for the millions of pharmaceutical companies across the globe that are continuing their operations.

Governments have issued lockdown protocols for all businesses except for hospital workers, private practitioners, medical counselors, and pharmaceutical stores. Most people have adapted to the demand raised by the public to offer something that can reach their homes. To that effort, many medical experts have started delivery services to provide medical supplies. These supplies are reaching out to not just patients and caretakers in their homes but to private clinics as well. With the massive population moving into the residential properties for sale in UAE, people are preferring places with medical amenities nearby.

Moreover, companies like Okadoc that allow their customers to book doctors instantly through their platform saw massive growth in traffic. They have claimed that this is by far a record-high amount of traffic that they are receiving all across the UAE. In fact, the growth doesn’t seem to slow down and is accelerating with each passing day. The company is doing really well with their clientele and are attempting to start a telemedicine service soon. This will result in great profits as people try to get their virtual consultations with their doctors online.

Tech Gadgets (Drones):

According to the recent market reports, a huge number of developers in uae are investing in Drones. Also, one of the biggest clients for all businesses involved in drone production is the governmental and agricultural departments. Drones that are able to carry 20-220 kg are in use by people around the world to spray pesticides in fields. Taking note of this use, the Chinese government ordered a huge number of drones just to spray disinfectants across cities. Prevention vehicles traveling across infected areas also used these drones to spray disinfectants on themselves and public spaces. Furthermore, the surveillance feature of the drone is in use by the governments who are observing the cities in lockdown. It is crucial for governments to ensure enforcement of the lockdown protocols to decrease the chances of spreading the epidemic. Some of the top countries investing in drones for such purposes are China, Spain, and South Korea.

Additionally, governments across the world have used drones to transfer medical supplies and food rations to quarantine zones. Companies like Antwork are working with pandemic struggles using drones in affected zones to transport supplies.

Online Grocery Stores:

It is inevitable for people to run out of essential items for their living and going outside is equivalent to breaking the law. In such a circumstance, grocery stores and supermarkets like Carrefour Markets have started online delivery services. All across the world and especially in the UAE, online sales have seen such a drastic rise in orders. Companies are hiring thousands of personnel to provide deliveries on time.

Companies and retail stores that are operating online and handling orders from around the country are doing exceptionally well. E-commerce is one of the most thriving businesses in the world during the COVID-19 crisis. Amazon is going to hire almost 100,000 workers to meet the delivery demand across the world.

Given the fact that there are celebrations like Eid and the month of Ramadan prior to it, there’s a demand for online shopping. People will buy anything from bathroom lavatories to apparel and clothing items and even non-essential decorations online. All types of online shopping ventures are seeing a drastic increase in traffic and sales.

Product and Services Delivery:

Services that offer deliveries of all sorts of essential supplies have seen a huge increase in their demands. In the UAE alone, companies like Instashop reported a 53% increase in online orders from across the country. Similarly, another company like Fanni App reported a 30% increase in online sale orders in Saudi Arabia. The same is true for other companies like iMile which is based in Dubai. Furthermore, although Uber and similar taxi services are not in use, their delivery operations are still in demand. Especially those catering to the restaurants and F&B deliveries are witnessing substantial growth in orders.

Remote Working Platforms:

Although social media platforms have seen a significant rise in online engagement and traffic; platforms that are friendly for working environments such as Zoom and Skype have seen the most increase. It is imperative for offices that have adapted to working from home cultures to stay connected. These platforms are proving very useful in retaining communication and organizing business operations remotely. You can have virtual meetings with several colleagues at once, making virtual meeting rooms necessary. Similar apps like DingTalk in China and WeChat Work by Tencent have seen a huge rise in online traffic in the past two months.

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Why Waterfront Views Are Essential To Premium Modern Homes


Bordering Sienna’s central park and a tranquil lake, Aqua, being one of the premium modern houses, is the waterfront selection that sets a new standard for Mount Waverley. 

Aqua is an absolute waterfront featuring bespoke modern architecture defined by the highest levels of quality and function from one of Melbourne’s most vibrant architectural studios.

Aqua is a premium selection of individually designed homes presiding over picturesque water views in the green heart of Sienna. These premiere properties will have anyone looking for a house for sale in Mount Waverley understand why waterfront views are essential to premium modern homes. 

Serene and pristine atmosphere

Whether you are looking for Mount Waverley houses for sale or real estate in Mt Waverley or want to buy a property in UAE, the desired atmosphere is everything. Being near a waterfront view guarantees an abundance of sunshine and natural light. Natural light allows for a serene and pristine atmosphere that brings sophistication to a home that you can enjoy spending time in but also looks fresh and modern. 

In addition to a serene atmosphere inside your brightly lit home, having nature right outside your home can provide a sense of calm whether you’re inside or outside.

Premium Modern Houses – Connected with nature

Being connected to nature is truly one of life’s joyous moments. Whether it’s a morning walk around the lake for some fresh air, or taking the kids to see the ducks or fly a kite, to even just a pause. A waterfront home provides all of these remedies that allow you to experience life in a tranquil manner.

As with any proximity to nature, living near a great park can provide immense health benefits. 

Increased health benefits

When living near a waterfront, every day can feel like a vacation or relaxing environment. Waking up to a beautiful sky and a tranquil body of water can only be good for the soul. However, the fresh air and Vitamin D from the sunshine does more for your soul, it actually does have a great effect on your health, mood, and well-being. Being near sunshine and water is essential to premium modern homes.    

An investment in your health is a wise personal contribution that can lead to longevity, but these premium properties also provide a great financial investment.

Securing a great investment

When purchasing a new home in Mount Waverley or Glen Waverley, you can expect it to be the home you want to stay in for the remainder of your life. However, when buying a new home, it can be difficult to determine the financial security of your new investment. 

Waterfront homes are timeless and often sought after for the benefits of a serene and pristine atmosphere, being connected to nature and the added health benefits. By being popular, they will likely never lose their value, thus ensuring a strong financial investment. 

Sienna Mt Waverley is a coveted location and distinctive residential vision encompassing lush parkland and a pristine lake.

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property in dubai

Ideas to Boost Productivity During Lockdown


We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the lockdown because of the COVID-19 crisis. There are lots of problems that we have pending outside the doors of our homes. But the fact remains that we are locked inside and we can’t do anything about them until we get back out. Although this is a huge crisis for all of us, one can’t help but notice all the free time that we’re getting. So, what should you do in order to make sure that time spent is really productive and entertaining during the lockdown crisis?

Top Ways to Boost Productivity:

 Although many people have very different views on how they define productivity, let’s just discuss some things. Hopefully, many of us will find something that they can do in order to feel productive.


A lot of thoughts keep running through our heads and since it is not easy to get access to a therapist in the current prevailing conditions, writing could help. Writing is not just a hobby to clear out your thoughts. Many people can relate because of their passion for becoming extraordinary writers. Remember the time you read a novel and thought to yourself that you would become a writer yourself? Well, now is the best time to try since you have nothing else to do. Write anything out and show it to your friends and get an honest critique. Don’t give up after the first two tries. Keep going at it and keep reading to write better every day till the end of the lockdown. Who knows who might write the number one bestseller about the COVID-19 crisis?


           Learning an instrument or digital audio processing is one of the most desired skills in the world. Almost everyone in their lifetime wants to be a good player of some instrument or another. This is the best time to order a normal-priced instrument of your liking. You don’t want anything too expensive too soon. Start with baby steps and persist your way through to the point where you can compose your own songs. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best productive activities since it’s self-reinforcing and can bring down stress levels.

Drawing and Sketching:

           Pick up a pencil and start drawing your thoughts out. There are a lot of ways you can express yourself and sketching is one of the world’s best forms of art. People who give up on their artistic skills are often left stressed and psychologically disturbed with daily life struggles. Art is one of the best expressions and treatments one can go for. You don’t need professional lessons that cost a lot. All you need is a rested, curious, determined, and critical mindset that’ll allow you to better yourself. Take a look at some of the best works out there and get the inspiration to do something yourself.


           There are a lot of fields that have designs in them so let’s just say that there are varieties of the world to choose from. You can choose to learn how interior design works. Interior designing can be of houses and offices. Or you can try and go for graphic designing that has a different set of worlds inside it as well. Choose the art of animation and go for one of the most demanded skills in the world right now. Even if you don’t have the wish to go professional with something, become an expert artist for yourself. After all, it doesn’t hurt to be great at something most people aren’t.


This isn’t for the housewives who are almost always cooking. This is for all those people who eat someone else’s cooked food. This is time to learn how to take care of yourself while making it tasty. Nobody promises that you’ll become a professional chef but if you start making anything from an omelet today, a week later you might be trying a new kind of pancake recipe. If you wish to take things to another level, do some baking or try your hand at continental cuisine. Although it’s best if you carefully research recipes up and start from something easy.


All those people who never got the time to hit the gym, this is your opportunity to buff it up! Now that there’s nothing else but time and space for you, get the equipment and start lifting! Focus on those muscles that you always wanted to be buffed up. Work on that diet that you never really had the time or energy for. Lose or gain weight by trying out different exercises with consistency and measure your progress to motivate yourself.

Learn a Language:

           Do you remember those days when you wished that you knew that foreign language? Maybe you had a favorite poem or song that you always wanted to know the meaning of. This is the perfect time for you to sit down and take a language course online and practice speaking and writing it. Learn about different cultures and civilizations by looking up various historical backgrounds and facts. This can become a hobby that leads to further historical knowledge. Accumulate enough knowledge about humanity’s past that you get a clear picture of how the world came to be the way it is.


This might not be a long-term activity but it’s nonetheless productive and essential as well. Decluttering means that you take the difficult step in removing all non-essential items from your home. All those decorative pieces and old junk that you keep thinking might come in use later actually won’t. So, it’s best that you throw things away and make space for new stuff. In fact, if you have too much around you, it’s just more liability and more losses. Make some space for yourself in your home and get rid of materialistic and psychologically stressful stuff. Especially the ones that are taking up too much of your space and your mind. 

Plan for Your Future:

You might be one of those people who thought about going to live in a better place. Maybe you had picked out a great area in Dubai for yourself to live. But you never really gave it a thought. Many people leave their dreams of changing their lives because of their daily life that allows them no breaks. Take this time out to look at flats, houses, and apartments for rent in Dubai. Take the step that you always never took because of some preoccupation or another. Log on to Zoom Property right now and take a look at affordable apartments and flats for rent. 

Make the most of your life in this lockdown. This is the vacation you may not have asked for but gotten nonetheless.

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top apps in uae for shopping online

Top Grocery Apps in UAE to Order from During Lockdown


In public health, honesty is worth a lot more than hope. So, let’s be clear. As it is evident that this viral disease called COVID-19 will continue to spread around the world, you can’t just leave everything to the government. All the nations-big and small, are taking every possible measure to beat the storm. With the recent extended lockdown in UAE, there is some responsibility on your part as well i.e. to follow the rules. In some countries these efforts are proving futile because of the callous attitude of the public. Well, this is not the case in the UAE. If practicing social distancing can help cure this disease, then why not? You can work from home and now, even order all your groceries from your home using your phone. If you are concerned about buying food items, then keep reading this article to find the most important grocery apps that will give you everything at your doorsteps.

Instashop Dubai

Dubai’s homegrown app, Instashop, is rapidly becoming the most favorite grocery app among the people. The app takes pride in 30,000 active users across Apple and Android handsets. Launched in 2015, this grocery delivery app which was once confined to Dubai Marina has now spread its roots in most of the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Recently, before the virus, a lot of people were showing interest in apartments for rent in Dubai Marina. For those of you who moved in, please stay inside and use Instashop to order everything online.

El Grocer

El Grocer, another middleman app, allows you to choose your goods from your nearest partner supermarket. Your order will deliver within one hour, depending on availability. While there are no delivery charges, the app will get a commission on any goods you buy. This app is also available in the Arabic language, thus catering to the needs of the millions around the city. Moreover, the app also contains an option of ‘personal aisle’ which contains the list of your previous orders to ease your accessibility. People living in areas such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, and Raz Al Khaimah can easily buy items by using this app.

LuLu Hypermarket

Another famous hypermarket in UAE, Lulu offers a comfortable buying experience with a wide range of fresh food products and dairy items. The essential features present in this app allows you to find grocery items and household stuff instantly. After revealing the impact of coronavirus on the real estate, the emirate is strengthening its online system and because of lockdown, all the apps are upgrading their service. As people are finding it hard to buy groceries, Lulu is not going to leave you helpless in the middle of the crisis. As the supermarkets and hypermarkets spread across the emirate, so are the services of Lulu. Give it a try and you will come to know about the services that this app provides.


Carrefour is a famous supermarket group in Dubai that has an app named MAF Carrefour. This app allows you to shop for groceries from a wide variety of stores. It has a range of items to offer to its customers. Moreover, with multiple stores spread across the city, this app guarantees reasonable prices without compromising quality. People living in areas such as Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah considered this the most trusted retail brand.


This is an app for the people who frequently purchase vegetables and fruits. From Kibsons, you can offer products around the world, most notably organic ones. The app is popular for delivering fresh fruits and vegetables and guarantees free replacements within 24 hours if there is a problem in quality. Sounds great, right? So, why wait? Install this to explore multiple options. Apart from buying regular grocery items, you can also buy raw nuts, healthy drinks, as well as specific meal-prep ingredients.

The rules are made for the safety of the public. Stay home, use these apps and buy online. By doing this, you will not only be protecting yourself but also others!

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buying property in uae

Top 4 Neighbourhoods to Live in UAE


It is a dream come true for every individual to have a home in the UAE. People here have beautifully built homes with all the modern amenities and comforts. This is evident from their luxurious lifestyle. Business Insider’s list of safest countries in the world has UAE in the 9th spot. This is another reason why many people prefer to buy properties in UAE or for settling in.

The major obstacle that people face when it comes to turning this dream into reality is managing funds. However, the real struggle starts after you have managed your resources – the struggle to find a neighborhood, which is the right fit for you.

Some people prefer a neighborhood that offers them modern facilities with proximity to various amenities of the city. On the contrary, there are people who look for a peaceful residential area, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It all depends on one’s personal preference and of course, their budget.

UAE has witnessed a huge surge in the real estate industry with the emergence of newly launched residential areas. This has opened vast opportunities for those who are looking for residential property for rent or ownership. The first step here is to find your perfect neighbourhood for which, we have got you covered.

Here is the list of some of the best neighbourhoods in UAE that can suit your individual needs.

Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer is ranked among the best communities in Abu Dhabi. Its affordable rates and latest amenities are the major factors that have helped this community to make it to this list. Nestled between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is a modern community in which you can easily find affordable residential options. It covers an area of 3 million square meters and is located near the iconic World Expo 2020 site. Furthermore, Al Maktoum International Airport is also situated nearby. It is a family-friendly community with various facilities that guarantee easy living. You can find schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and other facilities easily in this neighborhood.

The best part of this safe and secure community is that there is a variety of properties available. Whether your preferred choice is a villa, a small house unit or an apartment, you can find it here easily.

Arabian Ranches

Another family-friendly neighborhood, Arabian Ranches offers plenty of options for those looking for apartments for sale in Dubai. A gated community that offers a tranquil and serene environment, Arabian Ranches has plenty in store for you. In fact, it won’t be wrong to term it as an “ultimate hub” for quality family time. The residential section of this community features shared swimming pools, play areas for children, beautiful gardens, etc.

Arabian Ranches features luxury villas. Architects have incorporated contemporary and state of the art designs to construct these villas. It has given them a luxurious look and feel. Unlike other communities that claim to offer a calm and peaceful lifestyle, this isn’t located far off from the city. You can reach major business districts of the city in just 15 minutes.

Sports City

Although it is an ideal community for fitness enthusiast but you don’t actually have to be a sports lover to search for a property for rent or buy here. Having said this, living in this area will surely make you more active and fit as it promotes an active lifestyle. There are numerous fitness centers and sports parks located around. The best feature of this neighborhood is its convenient location. The world-famous Mall of the Emirates is located at just a 15-minute drive.  Moreover, there are various amenities and facilities, which make it a perfect community option for people looking for property to buy or rent in UAE.

Al Majaz

Sipping a cup of tea while sitting on your terrace and enjoying the soothing view of serene waters makes is a dream of many home-buyers. Al Majaz, a residential neighborhood in Sharjah, offers exactly the same. Located along Khalid Lake, brace yourself for an exotic waterfront living experience if you plan to live here. The area is family-friendly and flats available in Al Majaz are easy on the budget. You will not have to break the bank to own a property or find one on rent.

These aren’t the only options available when it comes to neighborhoods and communities in the UAE. There are plenty of other options for those who look for property to buy in UAE that promises a premium lifestyle. So, keep checking this space as we are going to have another list of the best neighborhoods to live in the UAE very soon.

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real estate market in uae

Revealing Coronavirus Impact on UAE’s Real Estate Market


The novel Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate all over the world. It has already claimed 4012 deaths globally with 113,702 confirmed cases globally as per the latest WHO report published on March 10, 2020. It is not just cities and regions who are getting locked down but entire countries which are being locked down, the latest being Italy. Massive travel restrictions have been put all over the world by the governments to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Financial markets have been crashing all over the world. A drop in the global oil price has further worsened the situation. Many prestigious events are being postponed like the Dubai International Boat Show. Governments all over the world are asking its residents to avoid traveling to help stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus including the government of the UAE.

Impact of Coronavirus on Real Estate

Almost every sector has been hit really hard by the deadly Coronavirus. Economists all over the world are still trying to figure the possible economic impact this virus will have. The most hard hit sector is the real estate market. With no cure available right now for the novel Coronavirus people are hesitant to even step outside their homes, forget about potential buyers checking out a luxury home for sale in Dubai. One of the biggest names in the real estate market is Dubai’s Emaar Properties which is feeling the effect on the Coronavirus. The world renowned developer of the magnificent Burj Khalifa has seen its shares fall by over 10%. 

Future of the Real Estate Market

Despite the spread of this epidemic and its horrifying effects on the real estate market, the future does not look bleak for the property sector. Firstly the governments all over are finding ways to fight and stop the spread of this deadly infection and the UAE has a very robust healthcare system. The UAE is also one of the largest markets for medical tourism and this means the availability of top class experts and specialists from all around the globe. With state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure, the UAE is ready to combat this virus. Also the UAE was among the first to shutdown schools so that they could sterilize the areas. Also with cutting-edge technology at the airports almost every single traveler was screened and after enough confirmation were allowed to travel. Despite the slowdown in the market, realtors in Dubai are positive that the situation will improve. With the Expo 2020 Dubai in November and now the postponed Dubai International Boat Show also coinciding at the same time, the real estate sector will give a double boost. And the UAE, especially Dubai has been a favourite destination for real estate investment. The wide range of premium villas for sale in Dubai is not matched anywhere in the world. As for the potential buyer these are good times as they can bargain their way around and then profit from massive returns in the future.


Facts and figures

Italy Lockdown

UAE travel restrictions


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UAE Property 2020

World’s Most Technologically Advanced Cities


The number of advanced cities in the world are increasing year over year. But it’s difficult for other tech destinations around the world to grab position from other well established advanced cities. Have a read of this spectacular list of cities.

1. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is the most advanced city in the world. Tokyo is blessed with tech savvy population, and more people working STEM. In addition to this, they have world class infrastructure compared to other global destinations.
The people of Tokyo use latest cars, modern house / flats, best roads, high-speed internet, e-Government services, less crime, advanced gadgets among almost population and much more.

2. Silicon Valley, USA
Silicon Valley requires no introduction to any IT related employees around the world. It is the home of many large companies and corporations in USA. They have covered almost every areas of technology in USA and around the world. Most of IT and IT related companies in Silicon Valley offers high salaries compared to other US cities.
Google, Apple, Facebook Facebook, eBay, Intel, HP, Sun Microsystems, AOL, Mozilla, Symantec, and many other popular IT companies in USA have offices in Silicon Valley.

3. Singapore
Singapore is the most popular destination for modern technology in the Asian continent. Singapore is the most hi-tech city in Asia. There are lots of companies, which have their research centers in Singapore such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Fuji, Temasek Holdings, Google and others. Singapore is also known for its high-rise buildings and apartments. The city has so many modern marvelous architectures such as the Marina Bay Sands, Underwater World and others.
Singapore provides the free high speed Internet to its citizens. The majority of stores accepts Credit Card/Debit Card as well as mobile payments. Singapore uses toll technology which will identify how much time you have used road, based on that, it will charge you.

4. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is the high-tech capital of South Korea. The capital of the country is the world famous for its high-tech lifestyle. Seoul is the headquarters of so many global companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and many others.
Seoul only accounts of 0.6 % total land of South Korea but it accounts 21% of GDP of the country. Seoul is another city from Asia with high-rise and skyscraper buildings everywhere in the city with latest technology. The most of the citizens in the city works in the high-tech industry.

5. Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei is one of the most advanced cities in the world. It’s a popular tech destination in Asia. In recent years, the number of skyscrapers have increased. They have better urban infrastructure compared to other global cities. They have well trained employees and skilled manpower.
Taipei offers one of the fastest internet speeds to their citizens. They offers best education, amazing healthcare facilities, superb infrastructure, tech savvy citizens, e-Government services, and much more.

6. New York City, USA
The city of New York is the sixth advanced city in the world. They are popular in each and everything, from world class infrastructure to world’s most popular new year’s event at the Times Square. They are ahead in each and everything. The city of New York is the home of world famous buildings and skyscrapers.
The people of New York are tech savvy and use world class products in tech, such as latest smartphones, gadgets, electronic devices and internet of things.

7. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the costliest cities in the world. Hong Kong is widely known for it’s high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in the world. Hong Kong is the financial hub of Asia.
The people of Hong Kong enjoys one of the highest internet speeds. E-government facility enabled the citizen services online. It has all the facilities and infrastructure required for an advanced city.

8. Dubai
Dubai has achieved yet another accolade after being ranked in the top 20 most innovative cities in the world, according to the Dubai Innovation Index Report.
While it may only be 44 years old, Dubai came in at an impressive 16th position out of 28 global cities– London claimed first place followed by Hong Kong and Singapore. The emirate beat Madrid, Milan, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Shanghai and Beijing.

9. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Recently, Stockholm emerged as the fastest growing technology hub in Europe. There are a large number of tech startups which are located in Stockholm. These companies employ the thousands of people, which makes it one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the European continent.
The people of Stockholm enjoy the high speed Internet, computerized offices and schools. A highly computerized e-government enabled the people of Stockholm in getting most of services online.

10. Shanghai, China
Shanghai is one of the fastest growing financial centres in the world. In recent years, a large number of companies have opened their offices in Shanghai for more business in China. The city has a good infrastructure, high-speed internet facility, internet penetration, business friendly policy, skilled manpower, and much more.

For more information about living in one of the best cities in the world, visit

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7 Best Road Trips in the World


It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting amid the high whine of an old Mini Cooper or feeling the swirl of acceleration from the bucket seat of a Bentley Bentayga V12, the open road is one of life’s great levelers. From a morning’s jaunt to clear out the cylinders to epic road trips of sun, sea and sand, here’s a fast countdown of the best 7 road tours worldwide.

1. Wild Atlantic Way
Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way
It’s the longest Coastal Route in the World and Ireland has done an incredible job at marketing it as the best road trips on earth. The Wild Atlantic Way runs 2500 km up the Western Coast of Ireland. There are so many things to see and do on this route. Every day offers spectacular views of enormous sea cliffs, incredible beaches, and unique culture. This is a road trip that packs a huge punch in a short distance.

2. North Coast 500 – Scotland
North Coast 500 – Duncansby Head
It’s Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66. With legendary castles, extraordinary coastal scenery, and famous whisky distilleries lining the winding single track lanes, the North Coast 500 is the ultimate drive for travel lovers. At 500 miles long it is a touring route around Scotland’s northern coast, starting in Inverness.

3. South Island – New Zealand
The Pancake Rocks are a must visit on a South Island Road Trip. The best way to see New Zealand is driving around independently. Travel the South Island two ways, on a bus with the Flying Kiwi which was affordable and a great way to see the highlights. Just follow the roads in a circle around the island to explore all there is to see and do. New Zealand has a diverse landscape in a very little area. You’ll be mesmerized by the changing landscape before your eyes at each and every turn.

4. Amalfi Coast – Italy
The best road trip in Europe is the Amalfi Coast. Fall in love with that drive from Sorrento to Ravello. There is a reason this drive along the most stunning sea cliffs on earth has been used in so many movies. The towns and lookouts along the coast are something out of a fairytale. They are just gorgeous.

5. Great Ocean Road – Australia
Australia is an amazing country to take a driving tour. The Great Ocean Road is probably the most scenic road trip in the country. The route is more than 600km (400 miles) and drives along sea cliffs, jungles and out to amazing beaches. Some of the top beaches for surfing are located along this route.
If you can, get out and hike because that is where you really get to witness the spectacular coast.

6. Causeway Coast – Northern Ireland
Dark Hedges of Causeway Coast
Ireland is so amazing for driving, it actually has two epic road trips. The Causeway Coastal Route is filled with stop after stop of amazing sights and scenery. It’s a much shorter route than the Wild Atlantic Way and it can be done in just a couple of days, but we recommend giving at least 4 days to explore this coast.

7. Ring Road – Iceland
Scenes from the Ring Road of Iceland
The Ring Road of Iceland circles the entire country offering drivers the chance to explore every nook and cranny. People normally drive the route in 10 days to 2 weeks, but to really explore Iceland properly you should take longer. You can camp or stay at hotels along the way. With magnificent glaciers, mountains, an untamed coastline and fascinating culture, The Iceland Ring Road is definitely one of the best road trips in the world.

For more information about living in one of the best cities in the world, visit

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World’s Best Cycling Routes


Cycling has reached a resurgence in popularity over the past couple of years, with participation increasing both as a mode of transportation and as a leisurely sport.  However, bikers often say that they get bored on familiar routes. Let’s fight this feeling by taking a look at 7 of the world’s best cycling routes.

1. The Friendship Highway (China)
Whether or not the 800 kilometers (500 miles) between the Tibetan city of Lhasa and the Nepalese border is the planet’s most beautiful ride depends on your idea enjoyment of sometimes bleak high-altitude vistas.
The route includes three road passes of more than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet), with a lung-bursting maximum of 5,220 meters over the Gyatso La mountain pass, where the reward on a clear day is a distant view of Everest.
Conditions can be testing and the distance between towns necessitates careful planning.

2. La Ruta de los Conquistadores (Costa Rica)
Shorter but arguably no less arduous than the Friendship Highway is this 270-kilometer off-road ride across Costa Rica.
From the Pacific to Caribbean coasts, this one takes in mud paths, rainforest, coffee plantations, even an extinct volcano. It can be completed in three days each November as part of the annual mountain bike race from which the ride takes its name.
Beginning in the surf resort of Jaco Beach, the route soon turns onto energy-sapping red mud dirt roads, climbing up. And up and up — the official La Ruta course includes about 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of climbing on the first day alone

3. North Sea Cycle Route (Europe)
The NSCR, which also goes by the slightly less evocative name of Euro Velo Route 12, is a Euroskeptic’s nightmare — an EU-funded epic across eight countries that claims to be the longest signposted cycle route in the world.
Covering almost 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles), it runs from the northern edge of Scotland’s Shetland Islands along the coasts of Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

4. The Shimanami Kaido (Japan)
At a shade more than 64 kilometers (40 miles) this is perhaps the only route on this list on which riders could reasonably consider taking their kids the full length without worrying about a visit from social services.
Completely separated from the road, it snakes across a series of small, wonderfully scenic islands in Hiroshima prefecture, in the west of the country.
The segregated cycleway, which also has a lane for pedestrians, for the most part runs alongside the road, though there are diversions, not least the longer, more gentle and thus more leg-friendly slopes up to the high road bridges.

5. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (North America)
Want big? This is big.
An off-road touring route from Canada’s Alberta all the way to New Mexico.
If the 4,400-kilometer (2,734 miles) length (as detailed on the Adventure Cycling website) isn’t enough to start palpitations, how about a combined 61,000 meters. Yes, that’s right, almost seven times the height of Everest — from sea level, that is, not base camp.

6. Munda Biddi Trail (Australia)
Another epic, and this time in one of the more cutoff places in the world: Western Australia. At least with the Munda Biddi the route organizers might actually be on the rider’s side.
A vastly ambitious, recently completed 960-plus kilometer (596 miles) off-road route through the forested wilderness — Munda Biddi means “path through the forest” in the local indigenous language — it runs from near the state capital, Perth, to Albany in the far southwest.

7. The South Downs Way (England)
South Downs Way, England
This 160-kilometer route (99 miles) is hardly alpine in outlook, crossing some of the most stereotypically lush and rolling English countryside you can imagine. But all those small ups and down add up.
Riders tackling the entire route commit themselves to almost 4,300 meters (14,107 feet) of uphill pedaling.
A much tramped walking route for thousands of years and now a fully signposted hiking trail, the South Downs Way meanders from the precipitous cliffs of Beachy Head to historic Winchester, virtually all off road and much of it on ancient chalky bridleways.

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Newest Indoor Adventure Parks in Dubai


With the summer sun at its hottest, most of us have already bid farewell to our outdoor playtime, but there are so many indoor activities in Dubai that will keep your and your kids entertained for hours.

Just in case you’ve run out of ideas we’ve rounded up 8 different activities for you

IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park. Explore the 4 adventure zones and 22 rides, spread across 1.5 million square feet.

See dinosaurs roam the Earth, transform into Ironman, or experience the mind-blowing thrill of a raptor’s flight. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the perfect place to unlock your imagination and have fun like never before.

Ferrari World
From record-breaking rides that travel at speeds known only to Formula-1 drivers to family-friendly rides and authentic Italian food, there is something for everyone at Ferrari World. Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is an hour’s drive from Dubai.

Pay a visit to the park’s museum to gaze at the impressive collection of both the classic and latest Ferrari race cars.

Bollywood Parks
Spend an awesome day in the first Bollywood-themed park — a celebration of Mumbai’s iconic film industry in 5 zones inspired by Bollywood blockbusters. Live entertainment, stage performances and flamboyant cinematic rides make up the unique experience of Bollywood Parks.

Be greeted by a vibrant display of cafés and live entertainment at Bollywood Boulevard. Experience the region’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical Rajmahal Theatre.

Motiongate Dubai hosts 27 themed rides from Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, and Dreamworks. Get a sneak peek at how films come to life at Sony Pictures Studios, see the four delightful sectors that make up the Dreamworks Zone and enjoy the immersive activities at the Smurfs Village.

Make memories on the roller coasters, thrilling family rides, multimedia theater shows, and interactive play zones. Adventure, fantasy, magic, and thrill await in one of the largest theme parks in Dubai!

LEGOLAND hosts over 40 rides, shows, and attractions. The park is also home to Miniland, where you can find a miniature version of Dubai’s iconic skyline and key landmarks from around the Middle East.

You will get to use your hands at an interactive workshop and watch your kids drive a car or boat. Wholesome family fun guaranteed!

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is a winter wonderland in the middle of the desert. Aside from skiing and snowboarding slopes for all ages and abilities, the Snow Park offers a wide range of wintry entertainment options, including bobsledding, tubing, tobogganing, wall climbing, zorbing and snow bumpers.

Don’t forget to visit the colony of King and Gentoo Snow Penguins, either by watching the daily Penguin march or during an unforgettable encounter experience.

VR Park
Strap on your Terminator-style headsets and get ready to blur the lines of reality at the ultimate virtual reality theme park. Discover other worlds through a range of multi-player and individual rides, interactive games, and immersive experiences.

Experience a free fall from the top of the Burj Khalifa in the Burj Drop before relaxing at the PVRK Café. It’s virtually impossible to resist!

Hub Zero Park
Hub Zero is a gaming-inspired theme park with 18 different attractions for both experienced and casual gamers.

The park hosts immersive attractions like spider-shooting, zombie battling, and racecar driving, as well as a ropes course, laser tag, a 4D cinema, and softball cannons.

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