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Easy tips to make your house ready for sale

Published on 2019
Reading Time : 4 Mins

Do you think that staging is just about decluttering, fixing what’s broken and trimming your garden hedge?

Prospective buyers may open drawers, look under rugs and check for leaky faucets. Sure, staging involves a lot of cleaning and organizing, but whipping up your pad into shape is also about minding the details.

Here are few outside-the-box tricks to get you started.

Focus on lighting:

Poor lighting is a common staging mistake. Replace bright white light bulbs with softer-toned hues to make space feel cozy and inviting.

Mind the nitty-gritty:

Tackle all necessary and obvious repairs. Make a list of what needs to be fixed both inside and outside of your house. Doing all possible repairs prior to the sale will make it more attractive to buyers and also allow you to increase its value. Consider cracked floors or counter tiles, holes or cracks in the walls, chipped paint, leaky faucets, and showers, squeaky doors, jamming drawers and burned-out light bulbs.


Clean windows inside and out, remove cobwebs and dust furniture and lighting fixtures. Have natural scents such as lavender or vanilla in your bathroom and rooms to make them smell fresh.


Get rid of old window treatments and switch out cabinet and door knobs. Throw worn-out rugs and get new ones. Hang fresh towels in your bathroom.

Free up your space:

Declutter. Remove extra bookcases or your old computer table. If you’re not yet ready to throw things in the bin or sell them, rent a storage unit.

Disassociate yourself from the house:

Hide family heirlooms, pictures or any memorabilia so that buyers can imagine themselves living in your home.

Work the outdoors as well:

Your garden is the first thing potential buyers will evaluate when they visit your house. If they do not like the garden, there is a great chance that they might not like the interiors as well. Make your garden look fresh by planting new greens and flowers. Trim the bushes. Clear the sidewalks and mow the lawn. Hire a gardener, if necessary. And never forget to make your house number clear and readable.

These are just some ways to help you prepare your home. While they may not add equity to your property, a presentable home always gets more nods from buyers!

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