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Expo 2020 Dubai: Will it Happen?

Published on 2020
Reading Time : 4 Mins

The world’s biggest show of the year is to be hosted by Dubai this year. The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) general assembly in Paris decided to let Dubai have the honor. No matter what controversies surrounded the subject before, it is undeniable now that the decision was right. Amidst the corona outbreak, UAE still manages to be the top responders and the safest place to be. When the rest of the world has experienced over 9000 deaths, UAE still has none to report. In fact, it is unprecedented, the number of projects that are still underway to prepare for the Expo.

What is the Expo 2020:

The universal expositions that started out in 1998 happen every 5 years. The maximum length that they are allowed to extend to is 6 months. This year, it is happening in Dubai and the state of Dubai is not going to fall short on delivery. The main events of the Expo 2020 include:

  •       Live performances from globally renowned artists and performers
  •       Global celebration events
  •       Cultural arts and performances
  •       Revelation of Innovative Discoveries
  •       Scientific Inventions and Technological Developments

In fact, rumor has it that the Expo will be the perfect platform to reveal Dubai’s future plans. These plans can include an idea for massive developments like a technologically operated city. Dubai will make sure to make the most of the opportunity to gather investments and aspirations alike.

Preparations and Future Possibilities:

Conglomerates and large-scale enterprises launched massive plans in preparation for the event. Real estate projects making thousands of villas, townhouses and apartments for sale in Dubai. Entertainment centers for the young, the old and families are all under construction. Some of the major projects like Ain Dubai, Majestic Vistas Villas, Sur La Mer Townhouses, District One Residences and the Palace residences. Of course, this isn’t all of it. The site for the Expo is deemed to be spanning across 4.38 square kilometers. Covering the Dubai South district, the site will be close to the Al Maktoum airport. This will make it easier for foreign visitors to make it to the event in time and find residences nearby as well.

According to rough estimates at the beginning of the year, the budget for the Expo is going to be almost 66.4 billion dirhams. This is perhaps one of the most expensive global events in a long time. Therefore, UAE will ensure that this event is remembered for a long time.

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