Business Bay

5 MIN READ Overlooking the beautiful Dubai Canal, Business Bay is a trendy residential and professional hub in Dubai. On its way to becoming the city’s central business hub, it houses tall skyscrapers featuring both residential and commercial properties. It is one of the most popular communities in Dubai. And for this neighbourhood of the week edition, we […]

Real Estate Property

2 MIN READ Starting a real estate gig can seem like a big thing at first, your biggest worry being what kind of property to invest in. When you initially begin looking at homes in different locations, you may come across some artistic beauties. However, the areas around them may not meet your expectations or the property can […]

Commercial Construction

3 MIN READ Apart from various other things, Dubai is famous for the investment opportunities it has for both locals and ex-pats. Numerous residential developments and commercial buildings are launched every year by top world-renowned developers. The construction of commercial buildings, in particular, can prove to be a very strenuous one. Project managers can feel very burdened as […]

BlogImage2 1200x665 (17-12-2020)

3 MIN READ The world was unprepared for a pandemic like COVID-19, but it happened and jolted the entire population. If there’s one thing that this outbreak has taught us, is that we always need to be prepared for the uncertain. It signifies the importance of home insurance. A lot of people believe that nothing will happen to […]


3 MIN READ Buying vs Renting – this debate goes a long way. You will find most people preferring buying a property over renting because you get the ownership. And there’s no hassle of sorting through a huge number of rental properties to find another one after the tenancy contract is over and the landlord doesn’t want to […]

How to get a driving license in Dubai

8 MIN READ Getting a driving license in Dubai can prove to be a cumbersome task. The whole process entails different steps and stages, which every applicant needs to complete in order to get through. Furthermore, there are some prerequisites and requirements that one must meet before applying for a permit. In this in-depth guide, we have covered […]

Tenants Eviction Notice in Dubai

3 MIN READ Although it’s an uncommon occurrence but there can be numerous reasons why a property owner would need to evict a tenant/renter from their property. The Dubai government and Dubai Land Development (DLD) take complete care of the rights of people living in rental properties in Dubai. However, at the same time, they also provide property […]

15 MIN READ As per the World Population Review, Indians consume a major chunk i.e. 51% of Dubai’s total population. Every year, a huge number of Indians visit Dubai for seeking professional opportunities, real estate investments or to enjoy the captivating beauty of the city. This isn’t the only factor that has contributed to the large number and […]


3 MIN READ The title deed is one of the most important documents when it comes to selling or purchasing a property. Not only that, if you plan to give out your property for rent, you will also have to submit its copy for the proceedings. This document signifies property ownership and is one of the most important […]

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Business Bay

Neighbourhood of the Week – Business Bay

Overlooking the beautiful Dubai Canal, Business Bay is a trendy residential and professional hub in Dubai. On its way to becoming the city’s central business hub, it houses tall skyscrapers

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