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  • Jun 28, 2018

How to get that beach body in Dubai


Summer is at its peak and there is nothing as unrelenting as the UAE sun! Now is the time to get rid of all that winter and holiday fat and get back into shape before making a headway to the beaches. Rid of that belly fat and there are tons of ways you can do it. Here’s how to cut those last few pounds and get beach-body, real quick.

Enlist in a workout bootcamp

Working out requires a lot of discipline, and bootcamps amp it up to the max with tough workouts inspired by the military. With a series of calisthenics, like push-ups, lunges and squats, with running, jumps and other high-intensity aerobic movements,the instructors (or drill sergeants) will whip you into shape in no time. Most boot camps are designed to work the upper and lower body, as well as the core, so expect a comprehensive workout.
Some of the best bootcamps in Dubai are GI Jane, Fit Squad, and The Circuit Factory.

Have fun

Gyms just aren’t for everyone, but that’s ok. There’s tons of ways to tone your body, so find something you enjoy doing. Try a few Zumba classes, which fuse merengue, salsa, mambo, samba, bachata, reggaeton, cumbia and hip-hop moves to a Latin soundtrack to energise and uplift you.
If you’d prefer something with more of a kick, take up Muay Thai. Just an hour of kickboxing can burn over 680 calories! The sport can increase cardiovascular conditioning, core strength and lower body strength as well.
And for those who’d prefer a calmer way to exercise, there’s always Yoga. Not only does it stretch, tone and strengthen every inch of your body, it also helps you destress after a long day.

Make a run for it

Running is probably one of the best forms of exercise a human body can get. We’re not suggesting running during peak sunlight hours, but a little sprint early in the morning or in the evening can do you a world of good. Stock up on sunscreen, wear headwear and stay as hydrated as possible. Dubai offers plenty of places to run around, with our favourites being Kite Beach, the Dubai Marina and Zabeel park.

If you find running by yourself boring, join a running club. The Desert Road Runners, the Dubai Creek Striders, ABRaS Athletics Club, and the Reebok and Nike Run Clubs are just some you can join.

And if you’re looking for a summer running challenge, the Dubai Desert Road Run is a community event in which runners of all abilities participate, running one of two distances (3KM and 10KM) on private roads across the deserts of Dubai.

Eat well

The journey to a toned body starts from your plate. Breakfasts should never be skipped, as they fire up your metabolism, giving you energy and focus. Eat lots of quality protein (eggs and low fat dairy, for example), wholegrain cereal, and seasonal produce. Protein is known to have appetite suppressing qualities, so ensuring you have a decent amount in each meal will help curb cravings.

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