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  • Jul 09, 2020

How to Rent a Studio Apartment in Dubai?


Among the various types of properties for rent in Dubai, studio apartments garner the maximum interest of renters due to their affordability. These living spaces are suitable for a single resident and; thus, are easily maintainable. Living in such a residence doesn’t require the tenant to take care of extensive maintenance measures. Having said that, finding the perfect studio apartment for rent in Dubai can prove to be an overwhelming fear, especially with multiple residential projects being developed in almost every part of the city.

Follow the process given below to make sure you get your hands on the best studio apartment that completely meets your requirements and suits your budget:

Be Clear About Your Requirements

To begin with, you need to be absolutely clear about your requirements. It will make the process relatively easy and seamless. These requirements include:

  • Affordability: Analyse your affordability. Set rent limitations and then move ahead with the search process. Consider your monthly income and other expenses you have to bear during this stage.
  • Size: Size definitely matters when it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai. Even if you are single, the studio apartment needs to be of adequate size so that you can live there conveniently without feeling congested.

Apart from these, any other requirement that you have related to the rental studio apartment, it must be well clear during this phase.

Finalize an Area

The next, and one of the most important, steps is to find an area. Numerous factors come into place in this stage including:

  • Budget: Needless to say, studio apartments in some areas are expensive as compared to others. This aspect should be considered when finalizing the area.
  • Accessibility: The area should be connected to other parts of the city. Furthermore, it should have enhanced facilities of public transport in the form of metro or bus stations. So that even if you don’t own a vehicle, you will be able to access different parts of the city easily.
  • Distance from Workplace: An important aspect that you shouldn’t neglect at any cost is the distance of the area from your workplace. Ideally, both your workplace and the residence i.e. studio apartment should be located in the same vicinity as it will help to keep commutation expenses in control.

Sort Listings

The next step is to sort listings for studio apartments at a reliable property finder portal in Dubai. Apply filters available at Zoom Property’s portal and explore listings of the best apartments in Dubai that fall under your budget bracket. Make a list of studio apartments that you think are suitable for you after sorting listings.

Visit the Shortlisted Studios

After having a list of studio apartments, the next step generally is to visit each one of them and decide if they fit your needs or not. However, before that, you can take virtual tours i.e. 3D walkthroughs right from the comfort of your home to inspect its details. Once you are satisfied with the virtual tour, only then take the pains to visit it physically.

When inspecting a property physically, never make this mistake of rushing into things. You may end up missing out on certain details that can lead to a troublesome situation in the later stages. Also, don’t just base your decision on the aesthetic value of a studio. Inspect every major and minor detail closely, including the size of the apartment, conditions of kitchen and washroom fixtures, etc. during your visit to make a well-informed decision.

Check Amenities, Building Rules, and Other Details

It’s the amenities and facilities available in a studio apartment that elevate the living experience. So, don’t neglect to inspect them as well. Make sure the residents have access to all the amenities and facilities as advertised by the seller. Also, familiarize yourself with the building or community rules. If you plan to relocate to the studio with your pet, ensure the building is pet-friendly. Furthermore, check beforehand if there are some restrictions imposed on using facilities such as limited time for the swimming pool or fitness center.

Sign the Agreement

If you have finalized an apartment and are satisfied with everything (it’s location, price, and facilities available), it’s time to sign the agreement. However, before that, you will need to contact the seller and discuss the payment plan with them. After that, they will ask you for some important documents i.e. Emirates ID, passport, etc. to proceed further.

Be very careful when signing the contract, read each and every clause and don’t hesitate to raise a question if there’s a confusion. It is an even better idea if you are taking the help of a legal expert in this regard.

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