Set within a secure gated community amid a stunning desert landscape, Jumeirah Golf Estates is the perfect blend of relaxation and high end luxury. This exclusive development was created for people for whom leisure time and social lives are important, and its world class golf courses are surrounded by beautiful paths made for jogging and cycling.

Area Stats

Average Sale Price

Average Rent Price

Average Floor Space


Average Sale PriceAED 7900820

0.52% decreased in last 12 months

Average Rent PriceAED 315385

1.15% increased in last 12 months

Average Floor Space5300 sq ft


Average Sale PriceAED 1459425

0.51% increased in last 12 months

Average Floor Space


Located along the E311 road in Dubai, the development is located on the outskirts so not quite as convenient for work and big label shopping as some of the others- but as it’s aimed at leisure and relaxation that’s not an issue for many buyers. The hotly anticipated Expo 2020 development will also see a new center being built and make the area better connected, so it’s a fantastic investment opportunity as well as a relaxing place to set up home.

Property Types

In a development unlike any other, the courses on Jumeirah Golf Estate Villas have been designed around the four elements: Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. Wind and water are still under construction at the time of writing* and are due to be completed in the near future, but Fire and Earth are already hugely popular for their stunning aesthetics:


Created in keeping with the vibrant, hot colors of the desert, this uniquely designed course is rich with golden browns, burnt orange and copper to complement the natural landscape.


Inspired by Mediterranean architecture and accented with striking fountains, the course and homes on this site are surrounded by rich, lush green grasses and trees. The golf course is well known for international tournaments including the famous “Dubai Masters”.

Facilities and Amenities

The development’s courses, clubhouses and opulent villas are in close proximity to a range of facilities, including offices, tennis courts, retail stores, medical centers, pharmacies, laundry facilities, internet cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets.

The Norman Country Club is set over 130,00 sq feet and offers world cuisine, barbecues, bars, roof top dining, swimming pool and private function rooms, as well as an exceptional wine cellar.

The local Golf Club Academy also provides banqueting facilities for over 400 people, including all those listed above plus a private health bar, private living room, on terrace dining and a 24 hour on call service.


Until recently, Jumeirah Golf Estates residents would have needed to travel into Dubai for schools, but this is all due to change in 2018. The area will be home to two of the Emirate’s most sought after and respected schools- Dwight School of New York and Brighton College Dubai.