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  • Apr 29, 2020

Renting an Apartment in Dubai – Common Mistakes People Make

The city of Dubai nestles in itself sky-touching residential buildings that come with exclusive amenities and features. Most of these projects are helmed by top builders in Dubai who follow the modern architectural designs to give these buildings an appealing look. Furthermore, the facilities and amenities they have are geared to offer a luxurious life to the residents.

Now, with increased rental opportunities, finding a home or apartment in Dubai is no longer a tough feat for people. However, there are some mistakes people make that hamper their whole home/apartment renting experience. Since it is practically impossible to change residence quite frequently, it becomes even more important to avoid making such mistakes to have a hassle-free experience.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when renting a home or apartment:

Focusing on Looks While Renting an Apartment

Many people only focus on the look of the house or apartment and neglect paying attention to its functionality. Always remember the fact that your home needs to be as functional and comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing. It should be in line with the type of lifestyle you want to live in.

You may find plenty of luxury apartments for rent in Dubai that offer breathtaking views of the city but don’t finalize the deal until you are sure the selected one perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs.

Rushing into Things

We get it, you have liked an apartment, which has great interiors as well as exteriors. It also fits perfectly with your lifestyle. In short, it has everything going in its favor. Still, don’t rush into things. Take your time and pay attention to every major and minor detail.

Rushing into things shows your desperation. The property owner may use this fact to their benefit. Furthermore, it doesn’t give you enough time to negotiate the rent. The owner may also let go of some maintenance work due to the early handover request by the tenant.

Ignoring Traffic and Noise Factors

These are some of the basic things you must pay attention to. No matter how beautifully designed the apartment is, if it is situated in a traffic-ridden area, don’t go for it. Not only will it make it difficult to reach places but you will face noise pollution as well. Furthermore, selecting a home located around the railway line or airport is also not recommended even if the rent is low. This is due to the noise pollution factor. The sound of planes taking off and landing and trains passing by will make it difficult for you to relax in your home. It may also disturb your sleep.

Renting an Apartment Far from Work – More Commute

Many people want to settle in Dubai for work opportunities it has in store for them. Luxuries and other amenities hold secondary importance for them. So, in order to save some amount on rent, they look for a residence that is located far away from their workplace. Just because the rent is low, they feel it is less financially-burdening for them. However, in reality, it is not. Not only settling in a place that is located far from work results in commutation hassles but they have to bear increased transportation expenses as well. Moreover, they spend more time on public transport than they spend in their apartment.

So, save yourself from the frustration and find an apartment located in an area that is easy to access from your workplace. Moreover, it should be near to metro station so that there are fewer commutation woes.

Not Reading the Contract Before Renting an Apartment

This is another mistake many people are guilty of making. Always go through all the clauses of the contract. If you don’t understand a particular clause, never feel any hesitation in asking the property owner, real estate agent or your legal advisor. It will help you to stay away from a troublesome situation in the long run.

Not Checking the Maintenance Record of the Property

Generally, it is the landlord who is responsible for all the maintenance work of the property in Dubai. However, it doesn’t mean you should do nothing in this regard. Always make a point to know the maintenance record of the residential property. Knowing this will help to reduce inconveniences caused by frequent maintenance works. Ask your neighbors or other tenants of the property about the common issues they face and the frequency of maintenance work.

Not Reviews Building Rules

Lastly, every building or community in Dubai has its own sets of rules that the residents must abide by. Not following these rules may result in getting a penalty. For example, some buildings are not pet-friendly. So, if you have a pet, you will have to find a property that allows tenants to keep pets. Similarly, there are various other rules that you must review before signing the contract for a pleasant, comfortable living.

The Takeaway

The moral of the story is to take every factor, whether big or small, into consideration when looking for a rental property. Sometimes, the smallest of mistakes can cost you a lot so, don’t make a hasty decision and make sure you aren’t making any of the mistakes discussed above.

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