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  • Mar 13, 2019

Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World

Even though it’s uncommon, some people prefer to live underground, literally. It’s an interesting alternative to regular homes and, whether it’s a decision based on style, personal preferences and the wish to recreate an image from a movie, living in any of these homes must be unique. You will be surprised to see how similar these homes are to those regular folk live in.

1. An underground eco home by Make Architects

Designed by Make Architects for British football star Gary Neville, this structure manages to combine beauty with functionality in a new and unique way. The residence covers nearly 8,000 square feet but not in the way you would expect it to. It’s a one-story structure that was built underground.
The residence creates something that would keep energy consumption to a minimum and that would be an eco-friendly version of a standard home.  The layout resembles a flower with rooms instead of petals, all organized around a central kitchen. The comparison is not random as the house also has a glowing floral impression on the landscape when lit at night.

2. Underground home with an elliptical shape and Alpine views
This house is also built into the hillside yet the design is completely different. This underground home is the result of the collaboration between Netherlands architects from SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. Located in the Swiss village of Vals, the house is quite difficult to spot out as it’s part of a cluster of mountain houses. However, this isn’t the only reason why it’s easily unnoticeable.

3. Woodlyn Park, home to the world’s first hobbit motel
When you think of underground homes it’s impossible not to imagine the hobbit village. That’s the definition of underground living these days and has been a great inspiration for lots of people. The fans tried to replicate those little homes built into the hillside and some managed to create unique and remarkable structures. One of them is the world’s first hobbit motel, located in Woodlyn Park, on the North island of New Zeland.

4. An eco-village in Preseli mountains of west Wales

In the Preseli mountains of west Wales there are lots of different areas and all sorts of homes. But this village is by far the most interesting. This is an eco-village and it has huts made of straw and mud that have been built into the hills. The houses look very interesting and very charming. Besides having these eco-friendly homes, the people living here also generate their own power and grow their own food. This unique community was set up in 1993 and has remained a secret for several years.

5. The eco-friendly Bella Vista Hotel in Italy
Lately there’s been a burst of energy and ideas when it comes to eco-friendly creations. Lots of people have opted for sustainable designs for their private homes and even larger projects have been designed. There are many eco-friendly hotels that have emerged or that have been redesigned. The Bella Vista Hotel is just one of them. This is the latest KlimaHotel and it can be found it Bozen, Italy. It’s a redesign of the Bella Vista Trafoi and it’s the first KlimaHotel eco-friendly hotel. It was designed by Matteo Thun and focuses on sustainability and ecology. The project included the creation of 11 individual hostels.

6. A home built in a cave in Missouri
Most underground homes or structures are built into the hillside, following the model offered by the Lord of the Rings movies. But there are also other possibilities to explore. For example, a cave would be a very logical and simple solution. It’s most likely the starting point of all modern homes so now it’s fun to go back and to transform the concept into something unique. This wonderful home can be found in Festus, Missouri and was constructed inside a 15,000 square foot sandstone cave. It was built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper and has become their cozy home. The interior is very modern and features unique textures such as the unfinished sandstone walls that give it a beautiful charm.

7. Organically-shaped earth houses by Peter Vetsch

Located in Dietikon, Switzerland, these unusual underground structures introduce a new and original concept related to eco-friendly, progressive architecture. This area is called the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse and it was designed by Peter Vetsch. The development is composed of nine houses, three of which have three bedrooms, one with four bedrooms, one with five bedrooms and three homes with six bedrooms as well as a seven-bedroom structure. The houses are larger then they seem and that’s mostly because they are almost entirely covered with earth and grass.

8. The Malator house on the Welsh coast
Most underground homes that are built into the hillside have lateral openings that represent the entrance and that make them visible. However, it’s not exactly the case for this home. This is the Malator house and it’s located on the Welsh coast. It’s very difficult to find it when you don’t know exactly its location because the house almost disappears entirely into the ground. The house was a project by Future Systems. It was built into its own man-made mound and it situated at the top of the hill.

9. The Aloni House in the Cycladic Islands
One way of making your home integrate into the landscape like it was part of it is to use the materials found in the area for the construction and to make the house disappear into the scenery. It’s why most hillside houses we’ve presented have been built into the hill and using locally-sourced materials such as stone or wood. The Aloni house has a design based on the same principles. However, the location is a little different from what we’ve seen so far. Located in this beautiful area of the Cycladic Islands, the house had to respond to the landscape that featured earth walls and farming areas.

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