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Top Bathroom Organisation Tips

Published on January 15, 2018

In the bathroom, more than any other place in the house, there are so many little things — contact lens cleaners, makeup, hairbrushes, razors — that you need, but don’t know where to keep.
Stop digging for the right eyeliner or spending time untangling curling iron cords. If the clutter in your bathroom is getting out of control, take inspiration from these organization ideas to squeeze a little extra storage out of one of the most important rooms in your home – on the cheap.

Throw unnecessary items.

Before you start organizing, make sure that all items in your bathroom are things you need. Check medicine and makeup cabinets and throw away expired items.

Organise with magnets:

Having small items such as bobby pins, clippers and eyelash curlers fly around in your drawer is hardly ideal. Glue bright floral fabric onto simple magnetic strips and hold these items just about anywhere.

Add a shelf above the sink for everyday essentials:

This will give you easy access to things you need and use on a daily basis.

Got an old shoe organizer?

Hang it on the sink door to hold toiletry bottles and hairsprays.

Spice racks make great makeup holders:

They’re also great for organizing hair products and lotions. Add a coat of paint if you’d like to color coordinate them with the rest of your bathroom.

Got no space for a towel rack?

Hang towels at the back of the door using hooks. You can also stack multiple towel rods behind the doors to use your space efficiently.

Use stylish apothecary jars to hold cotton swabs, bath salts and soap:

They’ll look great when placed in clear glass containers and will be very useful when you have guests since they won’t have to snoop in your cabinets to look for items.

Try placing drawers inside your cabinets:

This will help maximise storage space and make it a lot easier to find small items.

Don’t fold your towels:

Roll them instead. Not only will you be able to fit more of them in the same amount of space, it’ll also give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Use cordless accessories.

If you can, replace your hair styling accessories such as straight irons, hot curlers and blow dryers with those that have retractable cords. Or, wrap up cords as neatly as possible when not in use.

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