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  • Aug 11, 2020

Zoom Property Gains 3 Million Impressions from Google Search – Milestone Achieved Q2, 2020

Highlighting Zoom Property progress and new goals accomplished by the portal in the 2nd Quarter of 2020.

Dubai, August 11:

The portal gained 3 million impressions from Google SERPs, which ensured more visibility and exposure to properties listed. With this enhanced visibility, lead generation also accelerated. There was a 104% increase in lead generation recorded in the 2nd quarter as compared to the previous quarter of the year which has increased probability for the real estate agencies too to get leads with the help of Zoom Property organically.

Due to this exhilarating performance, agents and brokerages also showed their interest in becoming a part of Zoom Property. With more brokerages registering with the portal, more than 150,000 properties were added. These properties include developed and underdeveloped commercial and residential projects.

The Zoom Property portal also had a significant increase in clicks. Properties listed at Zoom Property were clicked 130% more in comparison to Q1, 2020. This increase in clicks clearly depicts the progress made by Zoom Property and the visibility it gained.

The portal has simplified the process for agents to register with the portal. They can now become a part of the property portal in just 10 seconds and enlist their properties for better exposure, improved visibility, and more chances of lead generation.

The progress in Q2, 2020 illustrates the upward graph and the company expects to make progress in the next quarter and accomplish new milestones.

About Zoom Property

We are the most advanced property portal connecting buyers and renters with sellers and agents. The company is geared to advance in the UAE real estate market with its state of the art features and most effective solutions. With the best properties listed from all over the UAE, Zoom Property is on course to become the most reliable property portal in the UAE.

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